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Go Cloud – Hosted Virtual Desktop & Cloud Computing Solutions

02.09.2019 · Posted in Internet : Website Hosting

Go Cloud provides the foundation for many companies IT operations through their fully-virtualized, hosted desktop solutions, designed to replace the traditional, in-house IT infrastructure. Their excellent services are managed and supported by teams accredited with VMware Professional Partner status and Citrix Solution Advisor status.

Nowadays, the concept of the cloud-hosted desktop has become popular among many companies. There is the number of starts up, small and medium-size companies who are using cloud-hosted desktops. A cloud-hosted desktop is an interface that facilitates virtual connections between users. With this technology, people using different computers can share information and applications stored elsewhere on a server instead of requiring installation on separate devices. This set-up is also called a virtual desktop. The cloud-hosted or virtual desktop offers a variety of benefits over exists or traditional hardware buying or leasing way of arrangement. Eliminating the need for a physical server within a company can reduce expenses significantly. These systems also provide enhanced security features and safe data backup. Switching to a virtual server also reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions significantly for a large company.

A spokesperson for Go Cloud explained, “We are pleased to manage business’s hardware and infrastructure so that they never have to worry about setting up or maintaining their servers. Our aim is to assist our clients to work smarter and more effectively, with our hosted desktop service giving them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. We promise safe and secure service and assure the safety of your data as well. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals strives to ensure that all systems remain operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

It’s quite hard; to sum up, Go Cloud in few words. They are among the most reliable and trustworthy company which offers the most advanced and dependable cloud-hosted services to clients, eliminating the need of setting their server and reducing the cost of buying hardware for the company. Their 24/7 customer and technical support services are second to none.

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